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How it all began....

In summer of 1984 we had to let go of our last female poodle, she had an autoimmune disease and I was glad I didn't breed with her, but we knew we had to get another dog. We were looking for a healthy, solid and character strong breed that was easy to take care of and had no cupped tail or needed any fancy care. My husband and I really didn't have any concrete idea; we just liked a dog without the hunting instincts, short hair and of course a female dog, since i had been breeding in the past. At first, I didn't think about breeding too much, but it was just a temporary thought. I grew up with my grandmother and mother both breeding dogs and i had my first litter when I was 16, so why would I even consider giving up this passion of mine?

We went for advice to our friend Günther Bloch, who is today a recognized research specialist for Wolf dogs, and he named us three different breeds that would match our lifestyle. Our tendency went pretty fast to the Swiss Appenzell, but at that time there was hardly any literature about this breed. Through the VDH (German kennel club) received information to the Schweizer Sennenhund-Verein für Deutschland e.V (Swiss Mountain Dog club for Germany) and therefore became an address for a breeder in Switzerland.

I will never forget the first time we laid eyes on this Appenzell male dog. It was Love at first sight, and has grown stronger over the years, that we can't even imagine a life without this wonderful breed anymore.

And so it went on…


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